Where we’re headed

It all began one idle evening in Montreal. The details are a little hazy, but we’re pretty sure it involved two cold beers and one large map. In any case, Thomas and Alex decided that the following year they’d drop everything and ride their bikes from Lapland to Mongolia.

The route has gone through a few iterations since then, each one less ambitious than the last. Finally, we settled on something like this:

Tunisia —> Italy —> Slovenia —> Croatia —> Bosnia & Herzegovina —> Montenegro —> Serbia —> Kosovo —> Macedonia —> Greece —> Turkey —> Armenia —> Georgia

The last bit is flexible. There’s only so much planning one can do before throwing deliberation to the wind. Thomas wants to loop back to Bulgaria and continue from there to Finland. The rest of us are not so confident.

We also managed to upgrade our roster. Cristina joined the expedition during the early stages of planning, and her suggestions greatly improved our route. Stephanie also decided to join up with us about a month and a half into the trip.

We’re not doing this to raise money or awareness for causes of any kind. The sole purpose of this expedition is the pursuit of happiness by way of novelty, self-discipline, and great thighs. We are unrepentant hedonists.


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