Bici Molto Pesante!

One of the main reasons that one’s thighs become so glorious whilst on tour is that one must bring everything that they need along for the ride. For me (yes, one bike), the fundamental necessities include, but are not limited to: clothing for all conceivable kinds of weather, a towel, clothing for cycling, three pairs of shoes, a tent, a sleeping bag, an inflatable mattress, a pillow, a stove, cookware, a fuel tank for the stove, 8m of rope for hanging clothes (etc.), supplies for doing dishes, an emergency medical kit big enough for 4 people with an incredible diversity of supplies, Steph’s computer, a spare tire, spare tubes, a spare chain, spare cables and housing, a pump (with pressure gauge), a gigantic heavy chain and lock, spare nuts and bolts, bike maintenance tools, a kindle, a DSLR camera, a phone, a portable speaker, an external hard drive, all associated chargers/adapters, food (often including a bottle of wine, a liter of olive oil, a kilo of pasta, produce, etc.), and gifts for friends along the way (which up until recently included a bottle of ice wine, a can of maple syrup, a glass jar of the same, and a jar of raspberry jam).

Given the fact that I have to somehow load all of these things onto my bike and cycle for thousands of kilometers, some people often find it strange that I travel with the following items: a heavy wooden chess set (at nearly 3000 km I had not yet used it and so sent it home), suspenders, a bright orange dress shirt, a pair of dress pants, two bowties, a plastic bottle full of soap for blowing bubbles, a green vest, and a plastic pig (named piggy) roughly the size (but not the shape) of an average-sized head of cauliflower or perhaps instead the size (and even the shape) of an abnormally large potato.


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